As Silence Fills the Room
>> July 2016 <<
Translated by Rebecca J. Prater

Andreas takes care of his older partner as well as he can after his cancer diagnosis. But his belief that he is not suited for the task, distances them from each other. Peter fights with his disease and tries to spare Andreas. Who is equally embarrassed over his exhaustion as his need for closeness and tenderness. Treasured memories become a place of peace and quiet happiness. But how can they find their way back to each other …

“As silence … is a gentle, intensive piece of literature about life’s fragility and metaphysics of love; about attentiveness and respect; about the storms and calms; about personal limitations; challenges and the possibilities to grow with them.”

The book first appeared in Germany 2011, published by B. Gmünder Verlag as Im Zimmer wird es still.

It is the second novel I've wrote (from 2005 to 2007) and been first published as hardcover. It's a very personal piece with some autobiographical references. To finally be able to present the story in a foreign language is an unbelievable feeling.

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177 Pages
eBook $ 3,99
Paperback $ 9,95

 Anna & Eva - Just a Question of Love
>> August 2016 <<

Anna is immediately intrigued when she meets the austerely beautiful Eva and does everything she can to get to know her. Faster than she thought possible, the two artists become closer, although it is Eva’s first experience with a woman. But can Eva really let herself fall in love with a woman? And can Anna deal with the secret Eva confides in her?

A story about sexual identity and what it means to be a woman.

Anna & Eva is a spin off of my novel Just a Question of Love, which is in translation progress also.

"The author conjured up scenes in such a way that I could really imagine I was there, but what for me was most interesting about this book is that it made me think about sexuality, gender and whether any of it really matters when you love someone." Racel Scott/

100 Pages
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Paperback $ 6,50    Amazon

 Just a Question of Love
>> New - Januar 2017 <<
Translated by Rebecca J. Prater

When Phillip, the young student of photography, meets the gallery owner, Christopher, 26 years his senior, a friendship quickly grows out of a fondness for each other. In truth there is spark between them, an attraction that in the long run neither of them can deny. Especially Phillip has doubts - will he give their unusual love a chance?

230 Pages
eBook $ 4.17 Amazon and many more

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